While a majority of today’s headlines are focused on conflicts overseas, Firebird AST is also keenly focused on current and emerging threats posed by organized criminal and terrorist networks here at home. We support homeland security and U.S. law enforcement in their mission to counter these networks by employing customized solutions methodologies. This, combined with our understanding of the rule of law/evidentiary chain of custody, allows Firebird AST to deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective homeland security and law enforcement solutions to clients at the federal, state, and local level. We provide:

  • Forensic financial investigations and analysis

  • Investigation, detection, disruption, mitigation, and interdiction of criminal elements and networks engaging in financial crimes, money laundering, or attacks on financial networks and institutions

  • Seizure, forfeiture, and repatriation of assets/proceeds/property illegally acquired by criminal elements

  • Counter threat finance

  • Interdiction of threat networks involved in terrorism, organized crime, drugs/narcotics, and human trafficking

  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis 

  • Identity resolution — biometrics (BEI), forensics (FEI), and others

  • Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)


United States Secret Service: Asset Forfeiture Branch

Firebird AST identifies assets for seizure and/or forfeiture and investments acquired by criminal organizations and actors. We target their financial infrastructure and dismantle their organizations. We provide commercial accounting, auditing, business analysis, and forensic financial analysis expertise and assistance to Special Agents in support of specific cases for prosecution. To date our work has supported seizures of over $300 million in illicit funds.