Firebird AST is a market-recognized leader within the U.S. intelligence, DoD, homeland security, law enforcement, and commercial risk management communities. We have a firm understanding of the challenges these communities are facing and commitment to bring specialized solutions and talent to address them.  

Firebird AST provides intelligence integration, information-sharing solutions, and actionable, counter threat analysis .

Our understanding of emerging geo-political threats facing our clients positions us to provide mission critical support that few others can. Our solutions leverage data, analytical tradecraft, information sharing, and predictive threat analysis to reduce risk and mitigate threats against U.S. interests at home and overseas.

Our team members have extensive real-world experience supporting the critical missions and complex requirements of the U.S. government within the security domain as well as U.S. financial institutions operating around the world.

Our staff possess a broad range of specialized skills and expertise. Many of our team members are veterans, and have extensive real-world experience supporting the operational missions and requirements of the U.S. military and the federal government — in both wartime and relative peace. Our team serves at U.S.-based locations and forward-deployed across the globe — often embedded with military units in conflict or combat zones.

We maintain a clear and unique understanding of the fluid and dynamic environments that exist on today’s battlefields—overseas and in the homeland—as well as in the global marketplace.

We deliver actionable threat analysis throughout the intelligence and investigative life cycle. Our team members possess strong relationships within the security community and are strategically positioned to play a vital role in supporting our clients’ long-range strategic plans and objectives. This experience and perspective makes us extremely valuable to both our public- and private-sector clients as they face an increasingly complex, interconnected landscape where information dominance and strategic understanding are more valuable than ever.

We are on a constant search for new information, methodologies, and technologies that will significantly enhance our customer’s capabilities while reducing their vulnerabilities, costs, and exposure.

Firebird’s success is a direct result of our team’s decades of hard work and performance and the trust and respect we’ve earned by maintaining a corporate culture deeply rooted in the U.S. military core values that gave us our start — honor, integrity, selfless service, and commitment to our clients’ mission.

Firebird AST is an award-winning, service-disabled, veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) based in Northern Virginia. Our team of professionals possess decades of experience providing innovative solutions and key analytical, intelligence, and operational support to DoD special operations, U.S. conventional force missions, and U.S. government and private-sector clients.


Some of The Partners


The Government Clients whose Missions Firebird AST Supports

Firebird AST’s Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Firebird AST is a specialized analytic services provider that is sought after by customers and partners to do mission-driven work that makes the world safer.

  • We aspire to be an employer of choice to leaders with unique skills and talent due to our authentic culture.

  • Our employees are our most valued asset. We NEVER lose sight of this fact; our employees in turn, take care of our customers.

  • We seek to ALWAYS be a company that keeps its word to customers, partners, and employees, thereby building a reputation that sets us apart.

  • We want to make a positive impact in our local community and invest time and money to do so.

  • We are inclusive of ALL types of diversity and do not tolerate gender, racial, or discrimination of any kind. We believe top talent and strong teams come from a broad cross-section of society, particularly in the global domain of intelligence analysis.